Welcome to Read’m and Weep!

My name is Donna Brown. Under my pen name, Cygnet Brown, I am the author of the Historical Christian Locket Saga Series. Currently I have one published volume: When God Turned his Head available on lulu.com also in kindle. A second volume Soldiers Don’t Cry is currently with my editor Megan Wenger.  One of my objectives in writing this blog is to help other writers in their writing goals.

Two of the most important things an aspiring writer needs to do is first–to read a lot of books on various subjects including the genres in which the writer intends to write and second, the writer must, of course, write.

When I  hear that advice, I know what the next question out of the aspiring writer’s mouth is likely to be. The aspiring writer wonders where to start writing. Most professional writers usually would answer “write what you know”. That answer usually leaves the aspiring writer to believe that what he or she should write is about things that happen in his or her everyday life, and nothing more.

My advice for an aspiring writer would be to suggest that the aspiring writer try writing book reviews about the books that he or she has read. Read a book, write a review about it. Although I have been writing for years, I have started this blog to write my own reviews. The reviews that I write will provide a way for me to read each book with purpose. Actually, not just one purpose, but many.

First, I am reading the book for developing my own writing skills. I am always reading books about writing, so those books will often be among the books that I am reviewing.

Second, I am reading nonfiction books directly related to the subjects I write. Because I write historical fiction, I read a lot of historical nonfiction books. I also write Christian books, therefore I read Christian nonfiction. I write about healthy weight loss, so I read about that subject as well. Also because I have interests that relate to gardening, keeping a home, and homesteading, I also write about these subjects.

Third, because writing is a business, I am reading and reviewing books about the business concerns related to writing. In this category, I include books on marketing, the internet, and other related subjects.

Also, because I write fiction, I am reviewing fiction, not just fiction in the genre that I write, but I also like to read books of other genres.  I read well-known contemporary writers. I read and review well-known classics as well. But I don’t just want to review the well known, I am reading and reviewing little known books, as well.

My ultimate goal is to help others not only learn what I think about a given book, but also for this blog to become a resource for other writers. If a fellow writer has written a book he or she would like to have reviewed, I would accept a kindle or pdf copy of the book for my review. I want to also open this blog  guest bloggers who are interested in writing reviews, but do not want to commit to writing reviews full time. If you have a book that you would like me to review, or you would like to be a guest blogger here on Read’m and Weep, contact me at cygnetbrown@gmail.com. Be sure to include Read’m and Weep in the subject line.


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